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The Clark, Mendelson, and Scott Literary Agency is a talent-driven agency, specializing in discovering new authors with diverse experience, who have unique stories to tell. Our literary agents represent all genres of work, not just limited to fiction and nonfiction. We are experienced in matching creative authors with publishers and production companies that are most likely to publish or produce their work into motion picture. Our clients range from corporate executives, journalists, college professors, and ordinary people with unique stories to tell or have a message to share. Our literary agents have been associated with numerous bestsellers and award winning projects, and always share in the enthusiasm of bringing a new voice to the American and international literary markets.

The Clark, Mendelson, and Scott literary agency was founded by Scott Maxwell, Richard Mendelson, and Cindy Clark, all former publishing executives with diverse experience in the literary market. Our Literary agents listen to each author, aware of the effort and passion that have been put into each project, tailoring each client’s work to a publisher or production company that would most likely offer the highest amount of royalty. The literary agency is proactive from the start, bonding with each author, and remaining an integral part of the author’s editorial and creative effort. Our collective experience and a team of seasoned editorial staff are available to guide you through the entire process.